Gran Cereale

Client: Barilla

Advertising Agency: Marimo

International Production House: BRW Filmland

Director: Ago Panini

Shoot Location: Cape Town

Cereal. Cereal everywhere!

The new Gran Cereale TVC made of our wholegrain production team, puffed wheat ball producers, chocolate tasting agency, roasted hazelnutty director, oatmeal covered food stylists, with a unique taste of cocoa sprinkled actors makes this the best brand to start of any of your days!

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Client: Nestle Nido

International Production House: Deja Vu

Director: Katherine Bell

Shoot Location: Cape Town

Take four scoops of Nido kids, pour it into one cup of warm filmmakers, mix well for four days on various locations and you find yourself with a cup of the newest Nido TVC filled with tons of laugher and joy that we will always happily remember.

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Client: Danonino

Agency: Vinizius|Y&R

International Production House: La Cosa De Las Peliculas

Director: Karen Cunningham

Shoot Location: Cape Town

Lovely children and a lovely client provided a wonderful experience!

We created a fun filled environment for children on this shoot and by the end everyone felt like children!!

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