About Us

The Impossible happens when passion and great ideas cross paths

Anna Mira D’Ercole, founder of Bang Bang Films, hails from Milan, but has her feet firmly on African soil. Her international experience as an art history graduate, a photographer, an assistant director and then finally a senior producer in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa should put any client at ease. Bang Bang loves to Shoot Shoot.

Anna’s impeccable eye for art, design and her love of film, add an extra dimension to her ability to deliver world-class productions with dedication and passion. Her adeptness at sourcing the best crews to shoot in any location you could possibly think of, within budget and on time, sets Bang Bang apart from every other production company in the country. Any one can source a nice piece of beach for their client; it is Cape Town after all… Bang Bang, however, has a more discerning eye and a much deeper understanding of logistics. Cowboys don’t cry in front of their horses, and Bang Bang never misses a target.